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The author of paintings presents cranes as a symbol of renewal, happiness, fidelity, wisdom, wealth, freedom and longevity in different cultures of the world.

The painter has always admired these wonderful birds, their interrelations, expressive movements and dances, as expression of their love and joy.

By observing the cranes you easily get an impression that they have a soul close to the human, that they feel, love, enjoy, and feel sad, that they as well as we know what is faith, friendship and honour …



“It is impossible not to mention the musicality of I. Antanauskiene’s paintings. Looking at her canvases it seems that you can hear the music coming from them: a certain movement of the crane birds that is captured by the painter seems to correspond the certain beat of the music… the music that is silent, the one that surrounds two loving people when they start to dance in silence. The music then comes from the hearts, from the sincere devotion, the endless craving for love; After all when the cranes dance their romantic dances every spring, we call them dances, though there is also no music… To catch this movement of a silent dance is a challenge and depends on the talent. Paintings certainly contain music, which is spread not only by the caught movement, but also by the rhythmic of paint leak and overall tones of the paintings.”

Art critic Enrika Striogaite


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